Apple Pay now supports purchases over £30 in UK!

Great news for the UK!
The majority of retailers will soon accept payments over £30.
According to the article, contactless payment terminals in the UK are now able to accept Apple Pay payments of any value.

In the last years, Apple Pay in the UK has known a great success: Apple Pay transactions in the UK have increased by 300 percent and 23 banks now support the service. Now that consumers are able to make limitless payments, Apple's mobile payment system will likely retain its momentum.

The company does not want to stop there, the vice president of Internet Services at Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey says: "If you think about all the things in your wallet, we're thinking about all those things, we're probably actively working on most of them. We're starting with payments, Some are longer term, we see this as a long term journey rather than something we can solve in the next 12 months."

Apple Pay now supports purchases over £30 in UK

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