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Et si les cartes de fidélité se dématérialisaient enfin grâce aux « wallets » mobiles ?

A lire de tout urgence ! Cette semaine la Réclame a publié un article très bien détaillé sur l'utilisation des wallets mobile par la marque Jacadi.


Good week-end everyone !
Here is the last campaign of Picard with mobile wallets to enjoy a 2,50 Euros discount in-store. Picard, the French food company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of frozen products sent an email early this month to his subscribers with a 2,50 Euros voucher for a minimum of 25 Euros spent.

Un concours gagné & un article dans les Échos grâce à notre solution des wallets natifs !

Carving Labs a traversé la Manche Vendredi dernier pour participer à un concours de Pitchs entre startups françaises dont l'objectif est d'offrir plus de visibilité au grand gagnant sur le marché Britanique. Le concours organisé par Estimeo et French Lab se déroulait au London Stock Exchange et a été remporté par Carving Labs pour sa solution Captain Wallet ! 💪🏽 🏆

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷 increases contactless payment limit to 30€

Since October 1st, contactless payments terminals in France are now able to accept payments up to 30 Euros!

How many apps do you download per month ...?

Many brands still believe in the need of developing their own application to boost their digital strategy.

Walgreens, a leader in the usage of Apple Pay

Since late 2015, Walgreens has been the among the first retailers to offer the possibility to Walgreens Balance® Rewards members to use their account through Apple Pay – without separately scanning a Balance Rewards card or barcode.


Let's talk a bit more about Carving Labs clients' this week :)
Another big player has launched a new Apple Wallet campaign this week : the famous car dealer Renault.

The Interflora coupon has a new offer !

In December from last year, Carving Labs announced that Interflora, the flower delivery network offered customers the possibility to save their offer (after an order made on their website or on their mobile website) on a mobile coupon:

And the winner is ...

Apple Pay!
The mobile wallet has become the number 1 mobile payment processor with 36% US retailers that accept the payment method followed by Paypal at 34%.

Le plafond du paiement sans contact va à nouveau augmenter en France

Bonne nouvelle pour les paiements sans contact : ce moyen de paiement plaît en France. En 2015, près de 10% des paiements de proximité, soit près de 235 millions de transactions, ont été réalisés chez les commerçants en France grâce à des paiements par carte sans contact.

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