Carving Labs big winner of La Nuit du Commerce Connecté

Yesterday night Carving Labs participated at the third edition of La Nuit du Commerce Connecté. The aim of the event is to gather the players of the digital with the retailers to award the best solutions for the end user in terms of custom offers and connected services.

The event has rewarded the best players of five categories :

  1. Analysis data and collect of the data
  2. Supply chain
  3. Engagement & Loyalty solution
  4. Point of sales
  5. Brand and connected stores

Carving Labs competed for the third category, Engagement & Loyalty solution and won the first position !

Carving Labs used the exemple of Picard for this contest, who is the leader of frozen products in France. Picard uses the wallet solution to broadcast loyalty cards and mobile coupons.

Currently the results are :

  • 70% of Add to Wallet ratio
  • Up to 50% conversion rate in-store
  • 90% of wallet retention rate

This is the third time this year that Carving Labs wins a prize for the wallet solution.

The wallet is happening in France !

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