Customers tend to spend more thanks to Apple Pay

A study made across 35 vending machines located in New York and Louisiana over a six-month period from March to August 2016 shows that smartphone users that see digital advertising at point-of-sale are more apt to pull out their iPhone to make a purchase with Apple Pay, and even spend more.

The results regarding Apple Pay are pretty optimistic :

  • 36.5% increase in overall sales
  • 44.6% increase in total transactions
  • 6% increase in total contactless average ticket; 18% at week 20*
  • 55.5% increase in revenue through contactless purchases, including Apple Pay; 121% at week 20
  • 135.2% increase in overall mobile payment usage

Maeve McKenna Duska, senior VP of marketing and sales, USA Technologies. “The data from this study suggest that call-to-action messages underscoring speed, convenience and security of Apple Pay can act as an electronic gateway for consumers to learn about and use the mobile wallets already installed on their phones.

Apple Pay Messaging at Point-of-Sale Drives 135% Increase in Mobile Payments Usage

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