Do you guess what is on the retailers' tech priority list?

The research has been conducted among 300 retail IT managers and c-level professionals in the U.S. and U.K.

Mobile payment is considered as one of the top priority in their roadmap. About 65% of the IT retailers'tech consider that mobile payments technology is the innovation most in-demand in their ogranizations.

One of the main reasons is reducing operating costs, speeding up roll-out of new stores, supporting new business opportunities and streamlining IT management.

Among mobile payment technologies we can name Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay that are called mobile wallets and allow brands, retailers and advertisers to engage directly with their mobile customers through an innovative and efficient channel.

These mobile wallets provide a new way for marketers to deliver offers, coupons and loyalty cards content to a consumer base eager to receive it.

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Survey: Mobile payments top retailers' tech priority lists

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