Goodbye paper transport ticket in France, hello Digital travel card ! 🙌🏽 📲

Finally !
French public transport will stop selling paper transport tickets for the tube and buses starting from 2019.
The president of French public transports decided to substitue the paper ticket by a digital travel card directly stored in the mobile.

This travel card will enable travelers to :

  • Buy tickets
  • Top up their card

Thanks to the NFC technology, 900.000 mobile phones will be able to take advantage of this new service & feature. On the long run, French public transport estimate that the technology will be used by three million travelers.

Commuters can use their NFC mobile as a contactless transport ticket. Their transit pass can be stored digitally on their mobile phone and easily topped up anytime, anywhere. During any journey, passengers simply tap their mobile device on an NFC reader at the ticket barrier, or when boarding their train or bus.

Tourists are not forgotten, they will be able to buy a digital pass as well directly stored in their smartphone.

And you ? When will you offer digital store cards and coupons to your customers ...? 🤔

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