How to boost loyalty through the mobile channel ?

We mentioned it several times, loyalty is more and more important for customers and for brands as well : How can I ensure my customers will come back ? Mobile applications are a way to engage with your most active users that will download and use your app, but they account for only 4% on average of your total customers.
Brands are turning more and more into mobile wallets.

According to Forrester Research analyst Thomas Husson, “[Customers] are not specifically demanding new mobile payment offerings. Having access to loyalty program points and rewards within a mobile wallet is the No. 1 feature they are interested in.”

The biggest problems with loyalty program participation is that customers forget they are members or forget their card at home.

Companies like Kohl’s, Walgreens or even Starbucks have understand the power of mobile wallets to boost their loyalty strategy.

Read the entire article and understand how your brand can easily benefit from mobile wallets : Mobile loyalty programs are the new modern currency

Wallet mobile : pourquoi l'intégrer dans votre stratégie marketing en 2020 ?
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