How to increase Customer Loyalty ? 🧐 🤔

Today, Carving Labs shares with you some of trends that are currently impacting the loyalty landscape.


More and more brands are adopting omnichannel-based loyalty programs, in order to connect customers to a brand across all touch points seamlessly and provides members with the opportunity to be rewarded for spend and engagement across all channels. Furthermore, omnichannel data capture helps brands drive personalized communications and better customer experiences.

Mobile Wallets are a great exemple of personalized communication delivered directly to customers' smartphones thanks to push notifications. Brands using mobile wallets take advantage of the push notifications feature to inform customers about the update of their points balance, new vouchers available, new rewards.


Research finds a correlation between personalization and customer satisfaction. 97% of customers surveyed indicated that they are very satisfied with loyalty programs with high personalization and that loyalty programs that make customers feel special and recognized had 2.7 times more satisfied members.

Thanks to mobile wallets, brands can offer customers the possibility to save their loyalty card directly in their smartphone and then be able to update each card individually with the updated points balance, rewards available and personalized offers.

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