How to maximize your push notifications strategy ?

Since the launch of the blog, we haven't talked much about push notifications, an option in the wallet that enables a one-to-one communication with each of your clients.
Another benefit of sending push notifications is to stay easily on the top of mind of your customers: you can send one at a specific moment or before the expiring date of an offer.
Transformation rate in-store increases significantly.

According to the article, the findings to master your push notification strategy are :

  • Open rates on Mondays are higher
  • Notifications starting with " Get your " lead to 11,02% open rate
  • Avoid daily notifications
  • Personnalisation & automation are key

Notifications using this can yield open rates of 11 percent. Subtle differences can result in big swings: the word “gift” can result in open rates of 3.42 percent, while “win” resulted in an open rate of less than 1 percent.

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