Leader Price's customers can now save their vouchers directly in Apple Wallet! 🆒 📲

Leader Price, the French discount store chain (850 stores) of the Groupe Casino, is now using the #mobilewallet solution provided by Carving Labs! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

Previously, Leader Price's customers had no other choice than printing their voucher to benefit from a discount in the stores; And nowadays still, printed coupons/vouchers continue to be the unique option available by large retailers to their customers.

Since October of this year, when the customer logs into his Leader Price account, a new option is displayed: the e-coupon.

➡️ When clicking on this option, the customer can directly save the voucher on his smartphone by chosing the option "save in my wallet":


Benefits for the Leader Price:

  • Increase the usage rate of the voucher by offering a digital option and be able to notify the customer thanks to push notifications that remind them the expiration date of the offer => Generates Drive-to-store.🙌🏽
  • Provide customers an easy & innovative solution to save the vouchers.
  • Vouchers are easily burned in-store which provides the discount store chain a real traceability in terms of usage.

Benefits for the customers:

  • No need to print the voucher anymore or log into the account to retrieve the voucher.
  • Has direct access to the voucher on the smartphone ==> no more risk to forget it at home.
  • The customer is notified some days before to be reminded about the expiration date of the coupon in case he did not use the coupon yet.

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