Dunkin’ Donuts going strong in terms of loyalty

The brand continues to grow strong in terms of loyalty programs with currently 5.4 million rewards members which is up 10% from 4.9 million in Q2 2016.

Loyalty programs can be extremely efficient for quick services restaurants ; it gives the restaurant the possibility to :

  • Reduce lines, or limit friction in purchasing.
  • Increase the average ticket size.

But these results are also due to strong digital initiatives :

Among these iniciatives, mobile payments are helping a lot : loyalty programs are integrated and more consumers rely on their mobile wallets for other features like in-app payments, adoption and usage will surge over the next few years.

Mobile Wallets enable brands to have their loyalty programs directly in the apps such a Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay and take advantage of these native apps.

Dunkin' Donuts emphasizes its growing rewards program

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