Mobile payments not to be neglected in your business

Good news for Starbucks, who has seen its mobile transactions orders jumping from three percent to seven percent of all transactions.

*More impressively, the percentage of total transactions, whether ordered through mobile or not, that were completed with mobile payment jumped to 27 percent

Coffee chains like Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts seem to have understood the importance of investing in mobile not only to increase sales but also to enhance customers' loyalty and satisfaction.

Interesting fact that we mentioned previously, messaging is becoming a key channel of communication among the new generation, especially in Asia with WeChat : Continuing the messaging trend, Starbucks has also integrated mobile payments into the messaging app WeChat, which has given them an edge in China, where the app is most popular.

Starbucks’ use of mobile has clearly paid off in the long run!

27 pc of all Starbucks transactions last quarter came from mobile pay

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