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The Interflora coupon has a new offer !

In December from last year, Carving Labs announced that Interflora, the flower delivery network offered customers the possibility to save their offer (after an order made on their website or on their mobile website) on a mobile coupon:

And the winner is ...

Apple Pay!
The mobile wallet has become the number 1 mobile payment processor with 36% US retailers that accept the payment method followed by Paypal at 34%.

Le plafond du paiement sans contact va à nouveau augmenter en France

Bonne nouvelle pour les paiements sans contact : ce moyen de paiement plaît en France. En 2015, près de 10% des paiements de proximité, soit près de 235 millions de transactions, ont été réalisés chez les commerçants en France grâce à des paiements par carte sans contact.

Mobile payments not to be neglected in your business

Good news for Starbucks, who has seen its mobile transactions orders jumping from three percent to seven percent of all transactions.

The new Google wallet system is pretty cool

Today the article is about payments but not on Mobile : Google as released a very cool feature called Google Wallet. At first, you might think hey, this was the first name of their mobile wallet that they renamed Android Pay but no, Google Wallet is about making payments on the web by just signing-in in your Google account and enter the mail of the beneficiary.

Carving Labs Big Winner of the Smarties Awards EMEA !

Carving Labs was in the short list of the nominees for the MMA Smarties Awards in the category Promotion and won yesterday night the Golden Award !

Make your customers' life easier

When working in a startup, it is definitely a great experience to attend the Websummit.
You are also expecting that the event will use the latest technologies to communicate with you
and this is what the Websummit did with the mobile event tickets!

Apple Pay and Android Pay finally live in a supermarket chain !

Good news to start the week, the giant Sainsbury’s confirmed that it will support contactless payments in its stores by the end of 2016.

Nick Leeder (Google) : " La Data pour améliorer nos services"

Pour Nick Leeder, " le premier grand changement qui est en train d'arriver sur le marché français c'est la prédominance du mobile, au niveau monde le search représente déjà pour Google plus de requêtes sur des terminaux mobiles que sur des desktops. "

Et le champion de l'attention sur mobile est....

Vous dire que le smartphone fait partie intégrante de notre quotidien n'est plus un secret pour personne !
Néanmoins, il est intéressant d'analyser parmi tous les formats publicitaires disponibles sur le smartphone quels sont ceux qui performant le mieux :