" Bienvenue dans le monde des post-apps " 😉

C'est avec grand plaisir que nous partageons avec vous l'article publié dans les Echos du 3 Décembre intitulé " Mobile : bienvenue dans le monde des post-apps " rédigé par Pierre Daems, Président de Aube Conseil et Eric Villemin concernant la fin de l'âge d'or des applications mobiles ; un constat parfaitement en ligne

How many apps do you download per month ...?

Many brands still believe in the need of developing their own application to boost their digital strategy. But smartphone users tend to rely nowadays on fewer apps: 80% of the time spent on mobile is dedicated to only 5/8 apps that are services app, social networks, native applications and

The mobile marketing trends for 2017

To close the week (and the year 2016!), let's see what are the trends for the year coming ahead: It will not be a surprise if we tell you (again and again) that mobile needs to be a key channel in your marketing strategy! Carving Labs wants to outline some