Go Digital: push your offers/loyalty cards online through your touch points!

A recurring question that we are often asked is: Why so few brands offer in their communications channels the option to save coupons/ loyalty cards directly in the smartphone? Many brands are still unaware of the ease of use of Mobile wallets and how to include this powerful solution in

How to boost loyalty through the mobile channel ?

We mentioned it several times, loyalty is more and more important for customers and for brands as well : How can I ensure my customers will come back ? Mobile applications are a way to engage with your most active users that will download and use your app, but they account for

Websummit 2016 : Understand your consumer's behavior

Carving Labs attended the first day of the WebSummit and was lucky enough to be in the front raw to listen to Gary Briggs, CMO of Facebook : Building your brand in a mobile world. When asking, what would be the channels outside Facebook ( and Instagram ) he would advertise, the answer