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Mobile payments not to be neglected in your business

Good news for Starbucks, who has seen its mobile transactions orders jumping from three percent to seven percent of all transactions.

Nick Leeder (Google) : " La Data pour améliorer nos services"

Pour Nick Leeder, " le premier grand changement qui est en train d'arriver sur le marché français c'est la prédominance du mobile, au niveau monde le search représente déjà pour Google plus de requêtes sur des terminaux mobiles que sur des desktops. "


Chez Carving, nous ne sommes pas peu fiers du nouveau client que nous avons embarqué dans l'aventure des #walletsmobile !

Email, the ultimate touchpoint to propose mobile coupons & store cards.

At Carving Labs, we do not only digitize your offers and loyalty cards, we want to give you the best advices to maximize the usage of mobile wallets for your business!

The youngest generation of shoppers still purchase in physical stores.

The youngest generation of shoppers continues to purchase in-store like the previous generations. Despite the fact that mobile has become our primary medium (on average, we check our smartphone 80 times per day (!)), young consumers today still have a preference for shopping in-store. 98% of them make purchases at a physical store.

More smartphone users than Tablet users in France

Still have doubts about investing in a mobile strategy for the French market?

The mobile marketing trends for 2017

To close the week (and the year 2016!), let's see what are the trends for the year coming ahead:

Websummit 2016 : Understand your consumer's behavior

Carving Labs attended the first day of the WebSummit and was lucky enough to be in the front raw to listen to Gary Briggs, CMO of Facebook : Building your brand in a mobile world.

Le Mobile devient le premier canal de consultation Internet

Pour la première fois, " les terminaux mobiles ont totalisé 51,3 % des consultations effectuées sur Internet au mois d'Octobre, contre 48,7 % pour les desktops. "

The Power of WeChat in China:

Impressive to see through the WeChat app the future of the Internet. A single app that gathers so many features and services : Checking your Facebook or making an appointment at the hospital #superapp

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