Leader Price's customers can now save their vouchers directly in Apple Wallet! 🆒 📲

Leader Price, the French discount store chain (850 stores) of the Groupe Casino, is now using the #mobilewallet solution provided by Carving Labs! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 Previously, Leader Price's customers had no other choice than printing their voucher to benefit from a discount in the stores; And nowadays still, printed coupons/vouchers continue

The mobile marketing trends for 2017

To close the week (and the year 2016!), let's see what are the trends for the year coming ahead: It will not be a surprise if we tell you (again and again) that mobile needs to be a key channel in your marketing strategy! Carving Labs wants to outline some

Tap, Pay, Get Rewards !

It is Christmas time with Android Pay and we love this kind of initiatives! This year, every time you pay in a shop or in the transports with Android Pay you’ll receive a virtual cracker in the app: You can win among 100,000 gift cards including a £10