Captain Wallet accélère son développement grâce à M Capital Partners

Une levée n'est jamais un aboutissement et on sait tous que l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur. Mais quand même, pour une entreprise, c’est une aide précieuse, un sacré booster et donc une belle contribution à son bonheur. 😊 Grâce au soutien de M Capital Partners auprès de qui nous

How to maximize your push notifications strategy ?

Since the launch of the blog, we haven't talked much about push notifications, an option in the wallet that enables a one-to-one communication with each of your clients. Another benefit of sending push notifications is to stay easily on the top of mind of your customers: you can send one

Apple's Roster keeps increasing

The number of banks, Credit Unions and retailers that support Apple Pay is increasing. Another 17 firms in the United States have accepted to work with Apple Pay. Among the new firms on the roster there is Postel Family Credit Union, River Cities Bank, River Town Bank, Simplicity Credit Union.

Benefit from the Interflora mobile coupon offer !

The flower delivery brand Interflora is using mobile coupons to offer its customers 50% off on a delivery ! French iPhone users that ordered flowers on the website receive an email with the option to add the Interflora mobile coupon in their apple wallet app that will provide them a 50%

Customers tend to spend more thanks to Apple Pay

A study made across 35 vending machines located in New York and Louisiana over a six-month period from March to August 2016 shows that smartphone users that see digital advertising at point-of-sale are more apt to pull out their iPhone to make a purchase with Apple Pay, and even spend