Goodbye paper transport ticket in France, hello Digital travel card ! 🙌🏽 📲

Finally ! French public transport will stop selling paper transport tickets for the tube and buses starting from 2019. The president of French public transports decided to substitue the paper ticket by a digital travel card directly stored in the mobile. This travel card will enable travelers to : Buy tickets Top

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷 increases contactless payment limit to 30€

Since October 1st, contactless payments terminals in France are now able to accept payments up to 30 Euros! Contactless payments are booming in France : in August 2017, 107 million contactless payments have been registered. 68% of payment cards in France already have the contactless payment option. Le plafond du paiement


It seems that #mobilewallets have a bright future ahead: Carving Labs shares with you some interesting facts & data regarding mobile wallets market coming from the Mobile Commerce Daily articles. Apple recently announced that its transactions volume coming from Apple Pay went up 500 percent year over year. According to

Origin and history of the mobile wallets

The notion of mobile wallet is not new and can be provided through different payment processing models. Mobile-based billing– An individual generally receive/sends payment through their mobile service provider. SMS-based transactions– This involves initiating transactions by sending an SMS short code. The payment can be debited/credited from the

Mobile Wallets continue to expand : Citi Pay, the newest one.

Citibank is joining the club of mobile wallets with the launch of its digital wallet named Citi Pay. The technology will allow Citi Bank clients to make purchases online and in-app using their existing Citibank login and to complete purchases in stores through tap and pay technology. " Mobile pay is