The Interflora coupon has a new offer !

In December from last year, Carving Labs announced that Interflora, the flower delivery network offered customers the possibility to save their offer (after an order made on their website or on their mobile website) on a mobile coupon:

The benefits of the mobile coupons are :

  • Ease of storage of the offer directly in the smartphone.
  • The possibility to send push notifications to boost the redemption of the coupon.
  • Possibility for Interflora to update the content of the mobile coupon with a new offer.

Since today, every person that makes an order on Interflora for the grandmothers' day will have the possibility to save a new offer on their mobile wallet. Later on, this coupon can evolve with other offers, great deals.

The content and images of the coupon can be changed without the need for the customers to download a new mobile coupon.

Mobile wallets are a great solution for the brands to boost their redemption rate !

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