"The key to mobile wallets isn’t payments"

While consumers and brands may still think of mobile wallets as purely a payment mechanism, mobile wallets have another huge added value for retailers.

Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay have received lots of attention, but what retailers need to understand, it is the capability use mobile wallets for loyalty cards, membership tickets and vouchers.
The article mentions it clearly: Mobile wallets are now among the top four ways consumers want to communicate with brands about sales, vouchers, loyalty programs and more.

Despite millions of people having access to pre-installed mobile wallet apps on their phone, brands and businesses need to lead efforts to help consumers become aware of how simple and useful they can be to use, and in turn reap better customer engagement for the brands that get it right.

This is Carving Labs core business: help retailers to take advantage of the major mobile wallets to maximize the use of their loyalty card and drive more trafic in-store.

Key benefits of mobile retailers are:

  • Engage customers on mobile in just two clics
  • Digitize your offers/promotions/gift card and turn them in a powerful mobile media with no dev needed
  • Push in real time the latest offers/threshold to your customers thanks to personalized push notifications
  • Boost trafic in-store

The key to mobile wallets isn’t payments

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