The mobile marketing trends for 2017

To close the week (and the year 2016!), let's see what are the trends for the year coming ahead:

It will not be a surprise if we tell you (again and again) that mobile needs to be a key channel in your marketing strategy!

Carving Labs wants to outline some of the trends to adopt with mobile:

  • Mobile is a hub between all your connected objects: Even though there are many connected devices that are not smartphones, they all end up using the smartphone anyway. => => You end up to a point where you need to focus your marketing efforts on the main devices and mobile is one of THE device where you need to invest your marketing efforts.

  • Mobile is definitely becoming a bridge between online and offline and enables brands to enhance the customer-experience in store thanks to beacons or mobile wallets.

  • According to the article, everything from couponing to receipt processing to promotions, will increase in mobile as it is the platform of choice for brands.

  • Loyalty programs will be more and more present in mobile: loyalty is more than simply collecting points for transactions, but also about engagement and advocacy.

  • App fever: It no surprise; this is a data that we have been telling you many times, Mobile users mostly navigate on the top five apps that account for 80 percent of usage time, according to comScore. Most apps are downloaded very infrequently and used even less, and most brands and businesses have found it challenging to actually justify the dollars spent on app development. This is why native apps such as Apple Wallet or Android Pay are having a more and more important role in mobile and being considered by marketeers to boost their mobile reach.

Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2017

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