Websummit 2016 : Understand your consumer's behavior

Carving Labs attended the first day of the WebSummit and was lucky enough to be in the front raw to listen to Gary Briggs, CMO of Facebook : Building your brand in a mobile world.

When asking, what would be the channels outside Facebook ( and Instagram ) he would advertise, the answer has been clear.

" Before investing, ask yourself the right questions : "

  • Who are you talking to, who is your target ?
  • Why are you communicating ?
  • Why should they care ? Obviously there are different purposes of communication, such as brand awareness, communicating offers, launch of a new product and much more.

The key point mentioned by Gary is to " Know where is your audience spending their media time " : on their MOBILE.

You just have to look around you at the WebSummit conference to check that everyone is wether looking at Gary or at their smartphone or iPad.

Brands need to be present on their customers' smartphone.

The other important point is personalization, adapt your strategy campaign. Gary Briggs mentioned the geographical behavior that will bring you to adapt your marketing strategy from country to country but also for each customer who is unique. Adapt your offer to the customers and propose them custom offers, messages.

At Carving Labs, our focus is the mobile, offering brands the possibility to take advantage of the native mobile apps such as Apple Wallet and Android Pay.
The content you create for these app can be personnalized and you have the possibility to have a one-to-ine communication.

See you tomorrow again at the #WebSummit !

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